High Quality

At Advanced Prosthetics Center, we strive to make a difference in people’s lives by providing a positive environment and giving time and attention needed to become successful prosthetic users.

 Compassion and Innovation

Before you are faced with the possibility of losing a limb, we encourage you to come visit with us about your journey. We look forward to a rewarding relationship as we join you on your new journey. We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your overall health as well as your affected limbs. Our main objective is to understand your specific goals and help turn them into a reality.

 State-of-the-art Prosthetics

Prosthetics continues to see technological advances to increase comfort level and enhance functionality. We have the ability to design and create state-of-the-art prosthesis and orthosis while incorporating high quality technology to maximize your potential.

 Customized Fittings

We pride ourselves in the ability to successfully fit a wide range of amputees, especially if you have had a previous uncomfortable fit. Through our unique, customized fitting process, we will utilize pure diagnostic sockets to ensure a proper fit.

 On-Site Fabrication

We fabricate all of our prosthetics on site, giving us the ability to create high quality products. Our experienced technicians utilize the latest techniques in crafting prosthetics and continually evaluate processes to make improvements.

 Cosmetic Covers

Our superior fitting and quality provides affordable and extremely authentic cosmesis. We color-match surrounding skin tissue and sculpt to each client’s specific wishes. The durable silicone feels and looks realistic. Our expertise allows us to develop high definition details as close to your contralateral limb as possible.

 Customized Prosthetics

Customized designed air brushed sockets allow clients to express their aesthetics and personality through their prosthesis, just as they would through an accessory or article of clothing. For ideas on how to truly customize your prosthetic, take a look at some of our patients designs.

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